Finnish Hydraulics and Pneumatics Association, FHPA

In 1977 several companies from Hydraulics and pneumatics fields founded the Finnish Hydraulics and Pneumatics Association. Currently the association has 61 member companies. Member companies combined sales in 2018 were 690 million euros, which covers 80 % of the fields annual combined worth in Finland.

FHPA's main purpose is to take action on topics that benefit all of the association's member companies. Actions we focus on:

  • Help the field with general awareness and image control
  • Preparing timely information about the market with continuous market and trend research
  • upkeep of the fields general awareness on trading fairs and other events
  • Keeping good connections with the educational facilities in Finland

FHPA is compliant with the competition legistlation in it's conduct as presented in this Statement of Neutrality.